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Monster Designer #1

Benjamin is the reason we started creating monsters. When he was in kindergarten he was having bad dreams. I felt we could do better than "monster away spray". He drew a picture of a monster to protect him. He chose his material and I took it from there. It worked so well he designed monsters for his friends and teachers to help them fight bad dreams. That is how MAA was born.

I want to give every kid a monster.



Monster Designer #2

Wyatt loves testing my sewing skills. He enjoys adding pockets, hearts and eyelashes to monsters. Occasionally, he adds a tongue in the monster's mouth. We can thank Wyatt for creating our weighted monsters. In kindergarten he created a monster for each kid in his class to help them remember they have a friend in their virtual classroom. He also is the one who designs the mini monsters.



Monster Stitcher

From zoo keeper to stay at home mom to "monster stitcher" (thanks boys!). I was not sure what to do as a stay at home mom so I taught myself to sew. I started by making some unique kids costumes for my boys and turning animal feed bags into totes. Then when Ben was 5 we started creating monsters and have never looked back. As a mom I am overjoyed to see my boys thinking of others and sharing their kindness.

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