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You can do the most good when you work together!

In October 2022, Ben was invited to a local quilting club to talk about his monsters and they wanted to donate fabric to his cause. Ben was so excited! When we were there Ben mentioned he was looking for another organization to donate monsters to like he did with The Dougy Center. One of the wonderful ladies suggested we contact the Bloomin Boutique and see if they can help some monsters find homes. In November 2022, we made a donation of 15 monsters and had the honor of meeting Patti Serres. Patti is the founder of this remarkable non-profit and they provide essentials to kids throughout our community. We are beyond excited to be able to help kids through a local charity. Ben said this will help him reach his goal of making sure every kid in town has a monster (a goal he has had since he was 5). He did the math and figures if he donates 15 monsters a month he should reach 100 monsters to Bloomin Boutique by his birthday in May. Wyatt was delighted to find out Patti also runs Serres Farms where we got most of the plants for our garden last year.

As of today he has 55 monsters left to make to reach that goal of 100 by his birthday. He has already set his next goal: to make our overall 1000th monster by the middle of next year. It's a tall order to be sure but with these 100 going to Bloomin Boutique, that will be 800 monsters we have made in 6 years. 200 monsters in a year and a half looks doable lol! Wyatt is insisting when we hit that milestone we have a big party! I agree. :)

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