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Helping others is good for your soul!

This year because of Covid I decided to homeschool Ben 100%. This was an opportunity to add some things on to his education that he would not have learned in traditional school. My husband plays guitar so guitar lessons are part of his class work as well and cooking, sewing and AP laundry. I also thought kindness would be a good focus. Have the boys come up with something they can do for someone else. Holding doors, grabbing a cart or two from the parking lot and bringing them in, etc. Ben asked if there was a way to do a monster project. A big one. After asking around Wyatt's teacher told us about the Dougy Center here in Oregon. It is a grief counseling center for kids and their families. It turns out that around Christmas they gift the children each a stuffed animals. We decided that we were capable of making 100 monsters to donate in December. So far we have completed 20 of the 100! Here are just a few of the ones we have so far.

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The boys were honored to be selected for a local news segment about putting good out in the community. Thank you Patti Serres of Bloomin Boutique and Jenny Hansson at KOIN ❤️


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